How to obtain a Charged Destiny to turn Tier 5 [2018 Guide Contest]


You will need to level up your Highdensity WATER stone to Tier 3 PLUS 3000 level in order to obtain the charged destiny, or you can simply buy it from Callidora located at -shop

Leveling up High Density Element Stone:
You should be able to obtain a Tier 1 Highdensity WATER stone from NPC Dwarven Emissary once you turn T3, you must now start doing Underworld Quest 1F,2F or 3F depends on your gear daily by talking to NPC Dwarven Emissary located at South of Windawood Castle and don’t forget to do all 3 Underworld Daily Instances, Summer Beach Bash!, Ninja VS Aliens and Nightmare Chamber instances. Once you picked a quest, you will receive a Dwarven Energy Stone and 5 empty engery stone, then simply walk to the entrance on your left.

Once you are in, look for a blue color “Energy Vertex” located at the floor you picked. Here is what the Energy Vertex looks like and locations.

Once you find an Energy Vertex, now click on Dwarven Energy Harvester - Water image

It will summon several waves of mobs, I would recommend bringing a few immune of potion with you since they are pretty strong for new T5 players, teaming up with someone is a great option because the quest can be done by a team. You will need to clear 5 Energy Vertex in order to turn in each quest.

Once you cleared all 5 Energy Vertex, go back to NPC Dwarven Emissary turn in quest you will receive a Water Energy Fragment S4 in return, it gives 25 levels each.
If you are strong enough, you could move on to 2nd, 3rd Floor Underworld quest.

If you have already finished your daily quest, and you want to level up more here is another way to level up your Highdensity WATER stone.

Codex of Time > Page 2 > Sacrificial Chamber, Sacred Library or Asura Prison Chamber will give you charges to your HDES

Although Codex of Time is a MUST GET item in this server, but if you still don’t have one at this moment, you can still be able to access these 3 instances by going -shop > Hermuncus > Daily Quests

In order to save 3000 charges (levels) on your Highdensity WATER stone, you will need a total of 5000 charges,which will first need 2000 charges (levels) to upgrade it to top tier Water HDES.

Each instance gives you certain amount of charges (levels) depending on difficulty.
1000 charges T1 Highdensity WATER stone > 1000 charges T2 Highdensity WATER stone > 3000 charges on T3 Highdensity WATER stone > Charged Destiny.

When you are ready to craft a Charged Destiny, teleport to Silveria Town, Nidrah is located at the very South of the map. You still need to keep doing these daily quest and Underworld Instances for T5 Skills

You will also need a Soul Key to turn T5. As of current version, you will just need to ask GM Zajako for Soul Key.

Once you gathered Charged Destiny and Soul Key, bring it to -Shop > Hermuncus > Give me more power > I have what you requested > Choose your sub class

To get your Tier 5 Skills Click here

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