Guide Videos by Papi


I am making a series of videos to help players navigate parts of the Lineage 1.5 experience.

I hope these help.


Ivory Tower Instances Orim and Hardin

The Codex of Time - What is it and how does it work

Codex and Osiris Daily

Dimensional Chests

Running eat.exe to update maps and text files.

This is a Map of the thebes desert with 4 of the 9 exact spawn locations as red dots using the in game map.

If there is something from the server that you would like to see a video of please just let me know.

L1.5 Guide - Newbie/Return players MUST read [contest]
Guide Contest Winners for February 2015

very nice videos! i vote u to win the prize already :slight_smile: :sparkler: :dragon_face:


Great job Papi! This helps a lot.