Arena of the Almighty - 12th Anniversary Event!


It’s hard to believe that it has been over 12 years since L1.5 started out, but here we are, still active, still adding new content and still having regular events!

Arena of the Almighty

This new event map was added to spice things up with 12 new bosses, a new key/door system, a new turn in material system and 24 new almighty XR grade boss armors!

Freshly escaped from the multiverse the 8 lesser forms of Zajako (Z) have come along with 4 Almighty Zajako forms. This arena is their base of operations and they are ready to fight!

Event Details

  • You can get to the event by using the command -warp z
  • The entire map is a combat zone utilizing the new PvP system
  • There are 4 inner arenas and 4 outer arenas
  • The inner arenas each have their own bosses that spawn
  • The outer arenas each have 2 bosses that spawn
  • Arenas have 4 different difficulties marked by flags outside of their doors
  • You use inner arena keys to open the inner doors for 30 minutes
  • You use outer arena keys to open the outer doors
  • Inner Arena keys drop from a new boss in the Ancient Vortex
  • Outer Arena Keys drop from the monsters in the inner arena
  • Event monsters and bosses drop gems that can be turned in to the matching gems located in the center of the new map

New Gear

Gem Exchange System

Located at the entrance to the Arena of the Almighty are 4 large dimensional gems that you can interact with to turn in all of the gems you find hunting in the area. Depending on the quality of the gem you turn in, you will be guaranteed one base crafting material and then gain one additional random item from a reward pool depending on the type of gem. These are the gems that are obtainable during this event:

Prize pools are viewable in the library by looking at these items: