Weight % and MR % going crazy


Wow, disregard my ac bug theory, Armydude is right…it happens when using - poly or - crack. Confusing detective work…lol


Yeah, Its fixed with the restart this weekend!


I noticed the ac and the higher than 127 in a stat bug didn’t get fixed with the restart…is it a tough fix zaj?


Bump bump bumpity bump


Its not that its a tough fix, its that it shouldn’t be an issue because the way AC is programed it shouldn’t be reset or go down if it goes over 127, since the things that add or remove AC use trueAC which can go over 127.


No, I’m sorry zaj, it’s not about my original post which was speculation and basically just wrong. It’s about when you poly in any way, your -stats ac, which is a representation of your true ac, go’s down to 128 as soon as you poly…and doesn’t recover until you restart…even if you remove, add, or modify any or all of your gear…


Thanks to more specific details, I was able to find the bug, its fixed with the restart today!


Awsome Zaj, both bugs fixed.