Open Beta Connection Guide


LineageHD Open Beta is finally here!! To play you’ll need to download the client and set up your computer to be able to connect to the test server.

Download Info

Download and install the game using the link below:

Install Guide

To connect to the test server, you’ll have to set up a loopback adapter to allow the client to connect properly. After you have downloaded the 3 7z files follow the instructions in this guide to connect properly: Connect Guide

Account Info

To play the game you’ll need to login using your L1.5 account. The Test server’s database is from an old copy of the L1.5 database in December. If you did not have an account then, you can make a new account that will only be on the test server by going to this page and registering: Beta Register. Again if you already had an account prior to December 2018, you can just login to that account.

Reporting Bugs

As you play the beta, you’ll likely encounter bugs. This is expected as it’s a beta. Please report the bugs you find on our github issue tracker. You can read about how to report bugs here: How to report a bug. Make sure the bug is not already posted and then create it here: Issue Tracker

Known Issues

  • When typing, by default you’ll type in Korean. You can switch to english by pressing the Alt key on the right side of your keyboard.

  • The login field is in Korean! On this login field, it doesn’t matter what you type in. You already logged in via the connector, this login is not used, simply type anything, Korean or otherwise into the field and then login.

  • Clan Icons don’t currently work, something about how the image data is exchanged between server and client is unknown.

Many more known issues are posted here:


If the game is stuck in a update loop (closing the application and opening it again over and over) Follow these directions:

Uninstall LineageHD and re-download and install the game via this link:

Even if you previously installed the game using this link, re-download it as its been replaced.

The good news is this will not make you re-download all the game content.