NovemberThon 2020


November is here! Like last year, we’re not saving all the high rate bonuses and sales for black Friday, cyber Monday, etc. We’re applying the boosts to the entire month! Lets raise the funds so that time can be spent on adding some new content and fixing up some long standing bugs!

Here are the planned events:

NovemberThon Donation Event
This is a donation event that stacks with the current Fall/Winter Donation event. Tickets are gained only during the month of November and the prizes will be drawn the first week of December. See the post for the prizes for this event. They will be in the XR and Elmorian range.

Increased Gift Coin Rate for Donations
The rate all month long will be 20 gift coins per dollar donated! This can be increased up to 100% by donating larger amounts at the same time! The rate is increased at $500, $1000, $2000 and $3000. Use the donation calculator to find out exactly how many gc you get for the donation you make!

Flip 2 Win is Back!
The favorited mini game where you flip cards to win prizes is back! This game allows you to see the potential prize pool for -YOUR- prize board before you flip the cards and attempt to win the biggest prizes! But play it safe because the cost for each flip continues to go up each card you flip! Brand new Fafurion XR Armors are in the prize pool for this mini game as well as the Elmorian Armors for each set! There have also been some major changes to Flip 2 Win making it easier than ever to win big! The changes are as follows:

  • The max cost per flip is now 30, all flips above flip 30 cost 30 (Previously was 50)
  • The max flips per board has been increased to 60 (Previously was 50)
  • On win of a Legendary Prize Pool Item, instead of resetting your flip luck to 0, it now reduces it to half of what it was
  • Resetting a board increases your flip luck by the cost of gc you spent to reset it
  • Doubled the rates to successfully flip a Legendary Prize Pool Item
  • Increased the number of Legendary Prize Pool Items that can show up on your board each time. Each board now will contain between 1 and 3. (Previously was between 0 and 1)
  • Added a toggle to enable quick reset (remove the pop up confirming you want to reset) at the bottom of the page

Brand New Fafurion Wheel, Chest and Shop mini game!
Do you flip to win? or Slay the dragon Fafurion for your chance at epic loot! You decide as the new Fafurion game has been released with some new major prizes! Brand new Fafurion XR weapons are in the prize pool for the Chest mini game, these weapons are feature complete and can be leveled up to 50 for amazing PEN and RES amounts!

Weekly Spawn Events
If the minimum donation amount is reached for a week, then that Saturday will have a special spawn event! Due to the new sprite system being figured out, this could lead to showcasing some exciting new monsters at the spawn event. Additionally if enough money is raised throughout the week there will be boss spawnwaves to make this event even more exciting. Anyone who has been to one of these spawn events will tell you it is epic and a lot of fun.

New Fafurion XR Weapons

Click or Hover on weapon for more information

These weapons are winnable via the new Fafurion Wheel mini game via the Chests.

New Fafurion Armors

Click or Hover on armor for more information

These armors are winnable via the the updated flip2win game!