New Content: Pouches!


Tired of constantly having 199/200 items in your inventory? Are you always having to cut your hunt short to trek back to town and unload your baggage? Is your storage dwarf feeling bloated? Adamantite Nuggets taking up the space of your precious loots?

Well, fret no more! With the next restart comes the addition of more pouches! Visit the Vanity Mistress Callidora in beautiful, downtown, -shop. After the next restart the following pouches will be available for purchase;

Low-Grade Pouch - Holds 25 Items - 50GC
Mid-Grade Pouch - Holds 50 Items - 200GC
High-Grade Pouch - Holds 75 Items - 450GC
TopGrade Pouch - Holds 100 Items - 800GC


Selling kangaroo pouch cheap!


The rare photo of Fodder in the wild


Bahahaha ahahahhaha hahahahaha!!! Lols!


It’s missing sheep, can’t be Fodder!


some of the mats that have no practical purpose should just be eliminated from the game