Need to test sharanga bow


Hey zaj i got a lvl23 +7 zaj bow S80 and lvl30 +5 sharanga bow X and it’s only 1500 dmg different there’s no mp hp steal and cant wear shiled and have to use expensive soul shot and -15dr bunch of penalty on sharanga bow i think it need take more dmg


I had one, and quit leveling it. Was total junk for X grade. Tbh most of the ones u craft are not very good. I complained for ages about it getting something. Most of the bows have super lame procs/abilities.
Ex. stun…when it don’t even work on Boss type mops and most event mops and places u hunt can’t stun… whooptie dooo


Only worth using with x arrows. Decient damage increase.


No i use with x arrow and its only 1500 dps different


Elf does not need more dmg lmao


I talking about dmg gap between zaj bow and sharanga bow
Not elfs dmg


Yeah sharanga doesn’t need to get buffed because elves don’t need more dmg


Yeah you talking about elves who using dragon bow

Sharanga need something