Items for New Players


But if you gonna switch characters
Need to make another lind weap :frowning_face:
Event lind weap not trade able


yea, i think i ll wait and just play reaper cuz my knight is lev 99… i ll play mage when i can get some good starting items for my mage.


Any other item can not beat dragon weap
But play with reaper is good idea :slight_smile:
Did you check that 31 all stats?


yes, but sounds impossible to get all 31, impossible, i tell ya


It just take while… and worth :slight_smile:


Don’t reaper until you use all the weak elixirs you can


r u saying i should of try get 5 attr to 25 by addding when leveling up, and leave 1 attr really low and get this low one up only by drinking weak exlir?> i think i messed up already, rightnow i have con str dex base at 25, char 18, int 17, wis 13 or something i was trying to even them out.


Personally when leveling alts I don’t use any stats until 100 after using weeks to get everything to 18


ok got it thanks, im starting a mage now.


You can fix your mess up
Let me know if you want to
But you need buy fluid of god 6 of each
And 2 points of lvl up bonus
And i cant see you early morning anymore :slight_smile:


Would be nice to just put A and S gear on lower mobs. No sealing, ready to go. Its not worth losing players to them getting frustrated because they can’t obtain gear to get them going. They shouldn’t have to rely on the current player base tho dig up old gear on alts that has no value anyhow


For real. I can’t imagine people are spending money on GC for A or S gear in the last 2-4 years.

I had to look in 3 alt accts for the stash of S gears to give that Oldskool guy today.

Hell, even when I started on this server and S gear was something to look forward to I didn’t use my GC on it. And that was a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.


If anyone will help me out im downloading the client as of now. 1 hour delay can i get your names ill whisper u anyone thats willing to help a new person.


Almost everyone is willing to help outs new person :slight_smile: just ask here, on global chat, or the Discord App


I’m considering making some new player daily instances that can be ran by any level.

The rewards would be worthless to players with higher gear, but should help new players who are starting out catch up a bit.


That would be great. Over last 6 months we have had a number of new folks come then drop off. I have no more A/S gear to give out. Pretty much all the folks I gave the sets to left game. I am considering emptying my -warp 8 storage of all my crafting mats. Just have too much and don’t want to go through process of trying to make A/S gear anymore.


Sounds like a great idea Zaj.


Or just start out with a bunny loyalty set or something, it’s serviceable to do basic stuff in the game