Anniversary Wheel



For the wheel, why not change the drop of the Second Chance box from small stacks of 50 shots and set it up to give boxes instead? Nice that the Psy scrolls are gone, but it would be great to get boxes out of the Second Chance box rather than a handful of shots.


I only saw part of the conversation on global about this new wheel - warm, warming up, hot, etc. If everyone holds off spinning hoping someone else spins the wheel to heat stuff up, do the items remain ‘Warm’ until someone is willing to spin with lower chance of winning something?

Curious how it works. I would prefer not to be the primer for others to win good items. :wink:


I’ll warm it up for ya :yum::smirk::smirk::smirk:


Yes sam that’s how it works. Someone message me when items hit inferno so I can capitalize off everyone’s spins at lower chances of winning.


Lol I wasted some gc few days ago did it made it hot for you fuckers hahahaha


All of the prizes are winnable with 0 hot and if no one is spinning it won’t get any hotter.
Proof of this is that someone already won the RomuReme from the wheel.
Unlike previous iterations of the wheel, I’m not going to manually make things hot, so if no one spins then I’m wasting my time improving the wheel and will likely just disable it.

If this means I’m not making enough money to spend time on content then I’ll also have to spend my time on contract work again.


This current round of wheel, I have wasted too much GC for what I got in return. I don’t feel spinning to warm it up for someone else is in my best interest. Money’s tight enough, and I’d rather do instances and get EXP/SXP or save up fro any event items released rather than spinning for a bunch of 2nd Chance Chest containing 50 soul shots and stoking the wheel for big spenders. Just sayin’


Respectfully I agree with Sam. I don’t by any chance EXPECT to win big on the wheel. But for the ~$100 I’ve spun this round, I have literally won nothing of value… I cannot justify to continue doing that. There’s too much downside. And checking recent wins, doesnt look like anyone else has either


I won a ultra on free spins when it was turned on like 3 weeks ago. The dropped maybe 300-400 gc after that and won total garbage.

I should have stopped :sob::sob:


Unfortunately it’s never going to be worth to spin on avg. Better to spend gc on definite upgrades to your character than rng ~shrug~



To give us an idea, what level of hot (warming up, warm, heating up, hot, really hot, inferno) on the current wheel would be equal odds to “Hot” on the old wheel? And what setting on the current wheel would be comparable to “very hot” on the old wheel.