31 All Stats Video


rays post sounds right… they need to be the first 5 used… so curse that sttat use weaks thenyou should be able to use regular elixir when the count is under 5. I had the same issue, end up costing me 150 GC for midgrades, where had i used normal elixirs first, wouldve been able to get 20 all no problem :slight_smile:


This is correct. Normal elixirs can only be used in the 1st 5 spots.


Can somebody break this down a little more? As a new player I don’t find that the video goes into enough detail. I need more of a step by step breakdown.


For this example i’ll be cursing the WIS stat. SAVE 2 stat points, it can be your 100-115 stat points. Given that at level 100 you will be tiering up

You can buy a lot of this on the AH or try to farm it yourself. There should be plenty of weaks on the AH, elixirs are also very common since no one uses them past 31 all stats, the fluid of the gods will be the hardest to get. You can probably buy most off players, but the bosses that drop it are located in the imperial tomb, which is not very new player friendly.

  1. Get STR to 25.How you choose to do so is up to you. Using stat points.

  2. Use 6 STR fluid of the gods, going from 25-31.

  3. Use 5 DEX fluid of the gods, going from 25-30. (11 elixir count max)

  4. Curse WIS stat 11 times and use weak WIS elixirs to continue cursing. (now you have 0 elixir count again)

  5. Repeat for all other stats until all stats are 31, with WIS being 20, with a elixir count of 0. (MAX 11 elixir count, need 6 fluid elixirs to get WIS to 31.) You can get WIS to 18 using weak elixirs, but you need 2 stat points to get it to 20.

  6. Use 5 WIS elixirs, then 6 WIS fluid of the gods. Putting WIS at 31, with an elixir count of 11.

  7. Going from 31-50 does not use the elixir count system and is based on ultras which you can buy with coins that you get from tiering up or going reaper.

If you need more information, ask in global chat and im sure someone can point you in the right direction. Or you can reply here and ill try to answer any questions you have.


Can you run through the effects of the following elixir… Effect, whether it uses slots, min level required, etc…


Much appreciated!

PS - I don’t see anything called a “normal elixir” in the Library


Accelerated elixir, is an alternative way to get bonus stats for lvling, for lvls 101-115. They do not count towards your elixir count, and require lvl 100(without opal or tier lvl reductions) Works for stats up to lvl 25

Cursed elixirs lower your elixir count by 1, and decrease stat lvl by 1-3. Use only on stats 18 or lower. They require you to be lvl 100(without opal or tier lvl reductions)

Mid-Grade elixirs add 1 to stat lvl, up to 25, uses one elixir count. Have to be lvl 100 (with out opal and tier lvl reductions)

Omega Elixirs add 1 stat point for base lvl 41-50. They do not count towards elixir count. Required lvl 70 T5(without opal) Cant obtain until Tier 5. Also adds 250hp and 100-150 mp. Not Tradable.

Ultra elixirs add 1 stat from 31-40. They do not count towards elixir count. You can get these with the elixir tokens you gain when you go reaper class, and Tier up. Adds 200hp/mp. Have to be lvl 100(without opal or tier lvl requirements) Hp/Mp Bonus Dissapear when you reaper or Tier and you do not get any hp/mp if you use them at T5.

Ultrum elixirs are like Ultras, except they do not add hp/mp, cost 1 less elixir token to make, and are not tradable.

Weak elixirs add 1 to stats 11-18, do not count towards elixir counts. Have to be lvl 100 to use(without opal or tier lvl requirements.

Elixirs (normal elixir) adds 1 stat point up to lvl 25, uses one elixir count. Have to be lvl 100 to use(without opal or tier lvl requirements.


Okay, so here is where I am at…

Level 100

All stats are 25

5 elixir slots used (by mistake, was thinking mid-grades didn’t use slots).

Can I go reaper without causing myself too much trouble, or do I need to adjust stats and clear elixir slots prior?


Just go reaper, no point in waiting.