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Buy vala ts & ammy (3)
Buy: Fluid of the Gods (1)
Buy or trade for Arrow X (1)
Legendary Valakas raid carry service (3)
Sell Baium, int t, superbraves, shirts enchant and ETC (2)
Soul Enchantment Scroll: Weapon (4)
Looking for stable ivory metals (2)
Sayha/Paagrio (X) TS for sale (1)
SELLING 2014 Bunny Set (1)
B: Int fluids, Zaj Armor, Zaj Helm S: pumpkin guarder X (2)
Wts GC, Bloods, stones and cinco earrings plus more (3)
Buy fafu bottle/scale (1)
Buying Bloods or fluids (1)
Selling/trading stuff (1)
Power sxp level for GC? (2)
Buying Zaj gear (1)
Wtt for legend zaj or frosty hat (1)
Trading GM soul for 2 fluids (2)
Trading x mats for other x mats (1)
Trade eps &z-shirt for the z-blade (1)
Trade Level 30 +38 Dark(20) Zaj Bow (1)
Buy Bunny King Gear (1)
Buy Fluid of gods or tomb boss bloods (1)
Selling Nightmare Land Scrolls (1)
Looking for Imperial Boots and Gloves (1)
Mid-Grade Strength (4)
Trading Moralltach (1)
Trading for Smellin (1)
Buying zbook and scarecrow (3)