L1.5 Discussions

GM Q&A Post your questions for the GM here. This is the place for all public questions that you may have and GM Zajako will reply to them as he gets a chance. Read the About for this section to see the rules for questions posted here.
Beta Boards Post bug reports and things needing fixed here.
Pending Updates This is a place to discuss changes that are pending a future update. Usually changes posted here are applied with the next restart.
Public Bug Reporting Report bugs here preferably over reporting with the bug tracker. However if your bug is of a private nature, instead send an email to zajako@gmail.com
FYAD This is the place to complain and bash your fellow players. The trash talk is unmoderated but don't complain when they find you in game and pk you.
Player Versus Player
Suggestions Post suggestions for new or improved features for the server here.
Marketplace Here you can post things you are selling, things you're looking to buy or things you are looking to trade.

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